Cameras with X3®

Hanvision HVDUO-5M

High-quality color images for industrial, scientific medical, cinema, security, and communications applications.

The HVDUO-5M is a small, one-piece digital color camera capable of acquiring accurate, high-resolution color images using the Foveon FO18-50-F19 X3 CMOS direct image sensor. The HVDUO-5M features 30-bit digital color output, real-time color processing, support for all sensor scan modes and a CamerLink interface. The HVDUO-5M iuses standard C-mount optics and includes controls for a shutter and synchronized illuminators. The HVDUO-5M is well suited for industrial, scientific, cinema, security, medical and communications applications requiring high-quality color images.


• 4.5 million pixels in a 1420 x 1064 x 3 matrix matches 3-chip color performance

• 5.0 micron square pixels in a 2/3-inch array accommodatesreadily-available C-mount optics

• Flexible scanning methods supportselection of resolution, raster size, speed and direction from full resolution at 7 Hz to VGA at 30 Hz.

• Single-shot or continuous acquisition with selectable exposure offer optimum performance for still and motion images

• Camera control and image viewing software for Windows® facilitates rapid setup and acquisition

• 30-bit Medium or 24-bit Base RGB CameraLink output readily interfaces to a wide variety of CameraLink framegrabbers

For more information on Foveon X3 technology, please visit the X3 Technology section of our website.

Additional information and technical support for the Hanvision HVDUO-5M can be found at the Alternative Vision website.