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Federico Faggin, Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Faggin has been an active member of Foveon's Board of Directors since the Company's inception in 1997. He became CEO of Foveon in 2004.



Mr. Faggin co-founded and was CEO of ZiLOG Inc., Cygnet Technologies, Inc., and Synaptics, Inc. He developed Self-Aligned MOS Silicon Gate Technology, which enabled the creation of semiconductor memories and microprocessors.
Building on this invention, Mr. Faggin designed and co-invented the world's first microprocessor, the Intel 4004, as well as many follow-on microprocessors. He is the recipient of many honors and awards including the 1988 International Marconi Fellowship Award, the 1994 IEEE W. Wallace-McDonald Award, and the 1997 Kyoto Prize.

James Lau
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Lau has held various senior level positions at Foveon since 1999. He is currently responsible for the company's financial operations.

From 1995 to 1999 Mr. Lau was the Senior VP of Finance and Manufacturing at touchpad provider Synaptics Inc. Prior to Synaptics, Mr. Lau worked at Amdahl Corporation as a Division Controller, and at numerous start-up companies in the Silicon Valley. He holds an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania, a BA from University of California, and is a certified public accountant in the state of California.

Dr. Richard Turner
VP of Marketing and Applications

Dr. Turner is responsible for Foveon's product strategy, marketing, and applications.

Dr. Turner has held staff, director and vice president positions within Foveon since the company's formation in 1997. From 2000-2003 Dr. Turner was Vice President of Engineering for the Company and was responsible for all research and development. Prior to Foveon, Dr. Turner designed CMOS image sensors at National Semiconductor and CCD image sensors at EG&G Reticon. He holds a BS and MS in Optics from the University of Rochester as well as a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Colorado. Dr. Turner holds 11 US patents in the areas of image sensors, integrated circuits, and photodetectors.

Rudy Guttosch
VP of Applications

Mr. Guttosch is responsible for managing engineering requirements for customer specific applications of Foveon X3 image sensors.

He joined the Company from Hasselblad, a manufacturer of professional cameras, where he held positions in electronic imaging, sales, systems management and product management. Mr. Guttosch earned Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Image Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Prior to his position at Hasselblad, Mr. Guttosch spent several years guiding new technology adoption for the largest catalog production house in the United States.

Andrew Cole
VP of Sensor Development

Mr. Cole manages the development and design of Foveon image sensors.

He brings 21 years of experience in engineering design and management to Foveon. Before joining the Company, Mr. Cole worked 13 years at Philips Semiconductors as a design lead for Analog IC’s in Video signal processing, LCD drivers and touch screen interfaces. Prior to Philips, he was Director of Engineering at XL Vision (a technology incubator in Florida), Director of Engineering at Virtual Silicon and a Design Center Manager at Cadence. He holds a BSEE degree from Adelaide University in South Australia.

James Tornes
VP of Operations and Systems Engineering
Mr. Tornes is responsible for image processing, software and hardware engineering, as well as manufacturing and foundry operations.

Prior to Foveon, Mr. Tornes was at Silicon Graphics for 11 years where he was a Director and Chief Engineer. He has more than 17 years experience in systems architecture and design. Mr. Tornes has a BSEE degree from Carnegie Mellon University and holds 9 patents.