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Company Overview

Foveon is well known for its development of X3 image sensor technology, the patented 3-layer image sensor architecture breakthrough which provides a fundamentally better way of capturing color images. The technology was developed using standard CMOS semiconductor process steps and produced the world’s first commercially successful image sensor that did not require color filters to create a color image.  

But there is more to the company than just great sensor technology. Bringing X3 sensors to the imaging market is the result of the efforts of a multidisciplinary, innovative team comprising knowledge in silicon technology, chip design, image processing, firmware creation , hardware design, and manufacturing all working together - dedicated to making the imaging experience better, more colorful, and sharper.

The Foveon X3 image sensors this team has developed have found popularity in DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras manufactured by Sigma Corporation. Sigma has produced DSLR and compact cameras using Foveon X3 image sensors, delighting camera owners with amazing image detail and color.

The close cooperation between Sigma and Foveon led to Sigma’s purchase of Foveon in November of 2008. Foveon continues to be based in San Jose, CA and will produce new and exciting X3 image sensors and image processing techniques to meet the requirements of the demanding image capture market.